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100% Network Uptime Guarantee

We know the primary reason your hosting with us is to ensure your site is always up and running. We are committed to your goal with a 100% uptime guarantee. This is achieved through various downtime mitigation efforts. We use BGP to converge multiple providers improving network routes and limiting single points of failure. Duplicate hardware devices at every level of the network ensure that failures will not adversely affect your connectivity. We maintain carrier connectivity of at least double our average peak usage to ensure connectivity with unexpected burst in traffics such as flood or dos attacks. These efforts mitigate potential downtime issues and aid in ensuring 100% realized service uptime.

Time Warner Telecom

Delivering high speed, secure, and reliable communications to businesses in 75 markets spanning 30 states and D.C. Time Warners optical networks are fast, powerful, flexible, secure and highly reliable to deliver a comprehensive suite of voice, data, dedicated Internet and integrated communications services to their customers.

Time Warner Telecom Network Map
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Cox Communications

Cox Communications nationwide fiber-optic IP backbone operates over multiple redundant 10 Gigabit connections. Their backbone is enhanced with extensive public and private peering connections with numerous other large Internet access and content providers, ensuring that you are richly connected to the entire Internet.

Cox Communications Network Map
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Level 3 Communications

Operating as one of the largest IP transit networks in North America and Europe their network was designed to maximize coverage, performance, flexibility and scalability. Offering more long-haul and metro route options than other providers. In addition to our intercity route miles, we give customers access to over 27,000 metropolitan route miles.

Level3 Network Map
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Level 3 Communications

Internap engineered and built a global web infrastructure that continually monitors the performance of Internet backbones and automatically selects the best network path based on business rules. Today, Internap’s patented technologies continue to address the inherent weaknesses of the Internet – finding potential performance problems, and routing around them

Internap Network Map
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Cisco Powered Network

Cisco has proven itself time and time again to provide the type of equipment this industry needs. They know that every second your network is unavailable it’s costing you money! We also understand this and this is why we choose Cisco to power our network. Our border, core, and access layers of our network are all powered using high-end Cisco routers and switches. Every layer was built to be fully redundant and allows traffic to keep on moving in the event of a failure.

Cisco PfR Performance Routing

Our network utilizes Cisco’s PfR technology. PfR utilizes advanced path selection and adaptive routing techniques to enable a performance aware network. This technology will select the best path for your data to travel based upon advanced criteria such as, reachability, delay, loss, and jitter. Performance Routing improves speed and availability by dynamically routing around network problems like black-holes and brownouts that traditional IP routing may not detect. It’s intelligent load balancing capability can also optimize path selection based upon link utilization. All of this together helps make our network one of the best around!


At PC Solutions, we develop, run, maintain and support our hosting plans in our own facilities. So for safe, reliable and affordable web site hosting, play it smart, choose PC Solutions for your webhosting and email needs.

Note: Each month of hosting is paid for in advance and begins upon the purchase of this account. Cancellation of your hosting account will discontinue all future billings. Hosting fees are non-refundable.

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