If you’re a residential or business client that would just like to casually acquire our services, we can schedule service call. Emergency Rate requests have a 4-hour turn around time.

PC Solutions delivers services that include system design, system integration, product selection and installation in your computer environment. Our experience ranges from basic installations to complex integrated, multi-site systems utilizing local area networks, fiber optics, dial-up phone lines and a wide variety of applications.

Computer Systems – New computer systems designed for your specific need. We custom build every system according to your specifications. The software you run is the primary consideration when designing, building, and installing your computer system. Preserving your data is critical when servicing your system.

Onsite Service – We come to your door or place of business. Well trained, fully qualified and experienced technicians will ensure your system is up and running. Minimizing down time is a primary concern.

Inhouse Repair Services – Walk-in customers can drop off their computer and accessories. Our expert technicians will diagnose your system on the bench tester. We install new parts and warranty our repairs.

Online Secure data backup
Using our data backup software will secure your data, off-site in advanced data centers.

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