Servers and Networks

Servers and Networks
NT, 2000-2008, UNIX, Linux, Novell servers and networks
Life around servers is rarely that simple. A system administrator in a large server room, or rooms, will most likely need tools to help him or her keep the servers running effectively. This is where software to manage, monitor, and configure the server infrastructure comes in. Thus, the question is not whether you need some of the tools, but which ones and from whom.
When it comes to servers, what do we mean by infrastructure? Simply put, it’s organized server support. Do all of your servers work in isolation as stand-alone units? Probably not. There are groups of them: different types, different functions, clusters for scalability, and so forth. You organize them to support them and enable them to work better together. Collectively, the way the servers are organized and the tools are provided to support them constitutes the infrastructure. To make the infrastructure work, you must set the servers up in the right way, monitor their operation, and manage their services. Not a simple task by any means.
  • Application Deployment and Management
  • (IT) Asset and Inventory Management
  • Backup and Archiving
  • Batch Processing
  • Configuration and Change Management
  • Cluster Management
  • Data Management
  • Desktop Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Enterprise System Management
  • File Transfer Management
  • Job Automation and Scheduling
  • License Management
  • Network Management
  • Performance (Load and Stress) Testing
  • Patch and Update Management
  • Print Management
  • Security Management
  • Storage Management
  • User Management
  • Web Systems Management


There are many ways to slice and dice this territory of server infrastructure. There are many services and tasks to take into consideration for effective infrastructure management and to ultimately have peace of mind your server data center will be in good hands. Our testing and analysis tools will provide a before and after analysis of your system and its performance.